grew up surrounded by rare paintings and works of art, the eye initiated since childhood to identify Beauty.

When she was born, on November 18, she was undoubtedly already predestined to explore a creative world and to invent a profession, a universe where she could “do something with her ten fingers” to calm her turbulent mind.

Inexhaustible globetrotter

An inexhaustible globetrotter, the designer moves her trunks from one end of the world to the other to feed her imagination. She lived and worked on the Caribbean coast and traveled to Argentina and Singapore.

It was in Vietnam that she discovered the material that was the source of her first creations for ATELIER1811: buffalo horn, whose natural beauty and multiple color variations fascinate her.

In collaboration with artisans specializing in this material, Céline designs and creates unique and stylish jewelry to enhance those who wear it.

Animal friendly

Aware of the impact of the choice of raw material for its customers – Women, Men and Children – Céline is keen to imagine “Animal Friendly” collections. Thus, all the horn pieces are shaped in Vietnam by a small craftsman who works exclusively by hand with his breeding.

All the horns used for ATELIER1811 jewelry therefore belong to happy buffaloes!